Sensebyte Elite Partner of BlackBerry/RIM

on Friday, 20 April 2012. Posted in Latest News

Sensebyte - Insomnia is an ISV Alliance Partner of Research in Motion. Insomnia develops a variety of business applications that run on Blackberry handeheld computers. The company also installs and mantains BES servers. The senior partner at Sensebyte is Pablo Quispe who has been the lead developer at JumpStart Wireless for two years. Over that period he has become throughly familiar not only with Jumpstart's Bussiness Suite platform but also the technical detalis of Blackberry and RIM OS.

Tom Czarnota
Research In Motion
Bussiness Development Manager
ISV Alliances

Why Sensebyte?

on Monday, 30 April 2012.

Sensebyte Inventory and Warehouse management provides stock keepers with a real – time view on their existing stock positions, ability to recibe and issue goods in an integrated fashion, the ability to transfer stocks between location and more. The solution can be readily integrated with SAP and other ERP systems.

Sensebyte Approvals and Workflowis an ideal tool for managerial and executive staff as it provides visibility into the process of approving pending documents such as Purchase Orders, Purchase Requisitions, etc. The solution is intelligent enough to provide triggers and alerts such that the user is notified of any pending action. The solution is pre-integrated with SAP ERP.

Sensebyte Sales helps your sales force be on top of both sales empowerment- in terms of having all critical information required to close a deal and sales execution- in terms of being able to automate the execution process (order-to-cash cycle). The Solution is certified by SAP and can be integrated with other ERP systems.