Document Management Solutions

Solutions for Documents Management

SAP Document Access by Open Text

  • Unified Access Point to SAP and non-SAP data and documents
  • - Offers Access to data and documents from any SAP module
    - Consolidates all associated content with only one transaction (e-mail, Office documents, paper documents, etc.)
    - Consolidates different SAP modules and systems
    - The user interface is SAPGUI or SAP NetWeaver Portal
  • Organizes and manages all content (including legacys content) in virtual folders
  • Offers a simple low-cost documents archiving (includes SAP Archiving by Open Text)

Solutions for Documents Management

SAP Archiving by Open Text

  • SAP Data Archiving
  • - Safe archiving of SAP ADK archiving files
    - Improves archiving cycle at low costs
  • Document Archiving & Imaging
  • - Links documents to SAP transactions
    - Archives print lists and outbound documentation
    - Archives paper, faxes, documents & e-mails
    - Supports large volumes of importation and scanning
    - Provides visualization with notes and note-taking capability