Electronic Invoicing in SAP - Case # 8

AVAYA - SenseByte

Client: AVAYA

Industry: IT


  • Status: Currently in Production. Go live February 2011
  • Specific details: Implement a system that enables bills to be created and delivered by electronic means, replacing the traditional paper invoice, either for the local market or for export.
  • Central tool for Billing Management.
  • Posting to Government.
  • Exceptions Monitoring.
  • Electronic invoicing benefits:
  • - Cost reductions related to elimination of paper usage.
    - Replacement of traditional delivery methods by electronic means.
    - Instant delivery of documents related to commercial transactions to clients.
    - Better appreciation of benefits of new technologies :
    - Elimination of geographic boundaries and distances by the use of Internet.
    - Larger attention schedule for commercial transactions.
    - Reduction of paper storage costs.
    - It allows a timely posting of bills in AFIP (for bills issued by the end of the month).